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        • Product name: Food Grade Hyaluronic Acid
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        • Release time: 2014-06-16
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        Food Grade Hyaluronic Acid
        Hyaluronic Acid (HA) is a linear glycosaminoglycan widely existed in intercellur substance of organism.
        It functions as below: a diffusion medium for nutritional matter and degradation products, moisture regulator in human body, fibroblast activity increaser, collagen synthesis stimulator, free radical binder, arthral lubricant.
        As the organism getting mature, the content in each part of organism is decreasing. The decrease of hyaluronic acid in skin can see a weakening of the water binding function and thus the skin will get dried, lose elasticity and wrinkle will appear. The decrease inflammation in joint, arteriosclerosis and disorder of heart rate and brain atrophy.  Tests show, patients of premature senility syndrome has a noticeable reduced HA content.
        It is good to intake hyaluronic acid.
        By intaking food grade hyaluronic acid, the creatures see a raised content  of HA.  Food grade can restore the normal content of HA in body and delay apolexis and make the body energetic.
        Application of food grade hyaluronic acid.
        HA is usually applied in health care food with collagen, vitamin, chondroitin sulfate, amino sugar, etc. Such product could be tablet, capsule and serum or normal food such as drinks, jellies and milk products.