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        Galaxy Bio-Tech gains a lot from IN-COSMETICS PARIS 2016

        Date:2016-04-30 11:01:53

        In-Cosmetics Europe 2016 held at Porte de Versailles Paris from April 12-14th, 2016, Shandong Galaxy Bio-Tech attended as an exhibitor with a new corporate image, exposed our professional and quality service in cosmetics industry through the theme“Beauty & Health”.

             In-cosmetics is organized circularly in Europe every spring, it is one of the world’s leading international exhibition in cosmetics, toiletries and personal care raw materials and ingredients industry, and also one of the most influential exhibition of the global cosmetics industry. Annually, the exhibition received nearly ten thousand professional visitors from more than 100 countries and regions, among which 70% are senior policymakers. At the same time, there are dozens of professional exchanges and seminars organized by the exhibition, attracted a large number of beauty and cosmetics experts worldwide participate.

              Shandong Galaxy Bio-Tech combined with our joint European partners to promote the Galaxy Sinohyal® sodium hyaluronate during the exhibition, which is a very effective way to enlarge our products market share in Europe, American and global market. During the exhibition, we met our clients from South Korea, UK, France, Germany, Spain and Turkey for business discussion. At the same time, many customers from other countries and regions visit us for a deep communication and exchanged our views on the market demand and product improvement. Our product quality, research and development efforts are fully affirmed by our customers, the visitors obtained samples from us for testing, most of them have expressed intention to continue in-depth cooperation with us in future. During the three days exhibition, we received nearly a hundred customers from over 30 countries.At present, there are some of the international well-known brand of skin care products have already used Galaxy Bio-Tech products as raw materials. We strongly believe that Galaxy Bio-Tech will win more international recognition in the raw materials market of skin care products in the near future.

             See you at In-Cosmetics London, 2017.


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